Grass Lake in South Dakota

It is a crisp spring morning. I sit, sipping a cup of coffee, on my tattered porch swing. My eyes sweep west over a gently rolling field of green grass to rest on the llamas and horses that share my backyard. At my feet, my German Shepperd settles down, ambivalent to the sights and sounds around him. This is my home, on the north side of Humboldt, and also my place of business. From this rustic setting, I run a freelance web and graphic design business.
In stark contrast to my settings, I work inside an old 2 story farm house, immersed in technology. Yes, they have high speed internet in South Dakota. I create websites, design graphics, write copy and follow my dream of running my own business. I love what I do and am passionate about providing a valuable service to my customers.
If you are looking for affordable, effective website, graphic or copy writing services then please send me an email.

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